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Netgear Products

Anyone who uses computer networking equipment certainly recognizes Netgear products to be among the best in the industry. Netgear was founded in 1996 with headquarters in San Jose, California. The company produces computer networking equipment and computer hardware products including hubs, routers, DSL/Cable gateways, and switches. Other products which the company produces include wireless access points and storage. In 2008, the company reported around US$743 million in revenue with about 565 employees.

The Netgear products focus primarily on the networking market for both home and office purpose. Also included are wired and wireless technology products, ProSafe Switches, Network appliances, Security Appliances, and Network Attached Storage.  Some of the specific products for home use include wireless routers, wireless adapters, home theater, storage, switches and access points, cables, wired routers and modems.

The Netgear products specifically for business use include security appliances like the STM Series, UTM Series, Wireless VPN firewalls, and Wired VPN Firewalls among others. Switches are also among the Netgear products relied upon by many business owners. These networking switches include the Fully Managed Switches, Stackable Smart Switches, Smart Switches, ProSafe Plus Switches, Unmanaged Rackmount Switches, and the Unmanaged Desktop Switches. Netgear also offer storage systems for business purposes.

These systems allow you to store, share, and protect important data in your business. If you want to create a centralized storage of your files and be able to share these easily, the business network storage systems from Netgear are essential. Some of these Netgear storage systems include the ReadyNAS Pro Family, ReadyNAS Replicate, ReadyNAS 4200, ReadyNAS 3200, ReadyNAS 2100, and the ReadyNas 1500. Automatically backup your files and share these between different computer units for convenience. If you want a smarter way to end all your storage problems, the Netgear Business network storage system is the best way to go.

WiFi Controllers are considered to be among the most popular Netgear Products which are essential in many home and business facilities. These WiFi Controllers include such products as the Prosafe dual band wireless-N Access point, Prosafe 802.11G wireless access point, Wireless-N Access Point, Wireless-N 150 Access Point, and the 54 MBPS Wireless Access Point Series. Wireless Management Systems are also important controllers for your business wireless network. Some of these products include the Prosafe 20-AP Wireless Controller, Prosafe 16-AP Wireless Management System, Prosafe Smart Wireless Controller, and the Prosafe Dual Band Ligth Wireless Access Point.

Some of the popular Netgear routers for home and office use include the Ultimate Performance routers, High Performance Routers, Work and Play Routers, and Simple Sharing Routers. An example of the high performance router is the N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router. This router offers 450+450 ultimate WiFi speed. This also comes with a WiFi boost to give you long range capability. This router also allows you to share between other devices including your USB printer and storage. Enjoy fast and reliable internet connection with the N900 wireless router from Netgear.

If you are fond of internet gaming, the high performance router units are for you. Some of these units include the N750 Wireless dual bank gigabit router, N600 Wireless dual band gigabit router-premium edition, N300 wireless dual band adsl2+ modem router, and the N600 wireless dual band gigabit adsl2+modem router.

Finally, expect all products from Netgear to offer high quality performance. Thanks to the company’s more than 10 years experience in the industry. Experience style, good performance, high value, and reliability with every Netgear Products you use today.